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Waterfall Mountain

Waterfall Mountain is a 2 part ride that starts with a climb and ends with 6 gentle waterfalls.

Waterfall Mountain is a attraction that has two features for users to enjoy. Firstly, to get to the top to actually ride the waterfalls you will need to complete a climb that isn’t easy. Especially starting from the furthest side, you have a mountain to get through. The inside of the mountain is a bit maze like and will take you on a winding climb to the top. (For those just looking for a quick fix, you can cheat with a staircase straight up). Once you get to the top, you’ll be taken on a gentle ride down 6 waterfalls. There are warnings to take more than one boat and to be gentle going over slopes to avoid breaking the boat or over extending oneself. Its a fun water ride that users can really enjoy.

It is Easy to Create Your Own Waterfall Mountain

Waterfall Mountain was created by first outlining the inside by making a large square building to build the climbing feature inside of. Once you have the square outline, you can then work to make it look more like an actual mountain and create the waterfall and water basin sections.

waterfall mountain

Our Waterfall Mountain has a couple of special decks leading to the outside or a special room for you to discover while you are climbing. You should create any special rooms or features that you want to add before you start to build the actual climbing part. When you do create the climb you can be sure that you make a path leading to those spaces as you go. It will be much easier than trying to create the spaces afterwards.

When making the actual waterfalls, make sure you give ample space in case riders do go to fast over the edge of a waterfall. You don’t want them to go completely flying off the side of your mountain.

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