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Sushi Bar

With all the different kinds of fish available in Minecraft, you definitely need a sushi bar.

There are four different kinds of fish available to work with in Minecraft and two of them are officially cooked, so a sushi bar is definitely in need. The atmosphere is not hard to make and its always great to have a place to store your cooked or raw salmon or fish.

We used pink clay blocks to match the colourful environment in Electra Amusement Park however you can use whatever blocks you’d like to create difference themes. To have a more authentic look try for a Japanese style surroundings.

Build a Sushi Bar Yourself

The necessities for a sushi bar consist of the bar made of slabs, netherrack for a flaming grill, and stairs for seating. Add dispensers with the cooked fish for a real functional sushi bar.

Our design is the most basic, which is a 13 x 3 design. Using slabs most of the way and then adding a couple of dispensers and the netherrack for the grill, like in the photo.

minecraft sushi bar

You can get even more creative by placing the grills (netherrack) behind the slabs and then adding a stair and block ventilation system above it. We couldn’t place a villager as our grill man in our design because he could hop right out of the middle. If you place a ventilation system above and enclose the space in slabs you could spawn a villager for your sushi maker.

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