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Food Truck

If you didn’t have one, you NEED one because not only is the food the best, but a Minecraft Food Truck in your city/town/map is just pure awesomesauce.

This is probably one of the easiest builds you going to be able to accomplish when it comes to restaurants. Short, sweet, and a cool idea for any MC map. We filled our Food Trucks with Cake but you can store any food you like in there. Add dispensers for easy access. We even trapped a Villager to be a server for the truly authentic Food Truck experience.

How to Build a Minecraft Food Truck Yourself

The basic design of our food truck is 14 blocks by 6 wide and 7 high. Our video tutorial shows you how to make it exactly, but basically you will be creating a 10 x 6 box and adding a bumper and hood. The bumper is just 1 block high. The front hood is 2 blocks long, and 3 blocks high.

We used iron bars in our serving window to add to the overall look and to actually keep the villager trapped. If you leave a 2 block space they can climb out. We made our food trucks out of cyan and magenta wool however you might want to experiment with iron or quartz blocks for a less colourful/more authentic looking van. Although all the cool food trucks are colourful anyway so we think our colours are perfect.

minecraft food truck

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